From our Children and Youth Religious Education

Children and Youth Religious Education (CYRE) believes our children deserve a religious home, as well as experiences and information that will help them make responsible, informed decisions about religion and spiritual issues as they grow up.

Throughout the year, we celebrate and nurture our children’s spiritual development by providing safe spaces for them to gather in multi-age groups to learn the fundamentals of UU values and identity, to ask questions, and to join the larger community of the BVUUF.

We visioned for and supported the Sunday morning Religious Education Program. offering a World Religions theme in the fall and a “Bible Stories through a UU lens” in the Spring, plus a multi-age program on the “Sources for the Summer. This helps our children experience “the other, ” bringing compassion and reason to our understanding  of the faiths around us.

We offered “Children’s Chapels” on the monthly theme so that children and families could receive a foundation of story and reflection together, from both the adult service and the chapel for children.

We led multigenerational events, promoting family community, such as the  May Firecircle Sing-a-long ( 40 attended), Pumpkin Glow ( 60 attended) and the Chalice Making Workshop ( 15 attended).

After our class featuring David and Goliath, Samantha  [daughter] and I were driving home and I asked her what she learned from the lesson.  I expected a response from David’s perspective, something along the lines of ‘even if you’re small and people may not think you can do something, you can”.  But without hesitating she said, “Well…if you’re big and strong, you shouldn’t make fun of smaller people.  Otherwise, they might just kill you.”  I was very surprised at first but then realized that I’d never really considered the story from Goliath’s perspective and what he could have learned from it.  Makes you think, doesn’t it?!” – Hope, Kindergarten – 2nd grade R.E. teacher.

Children and Youth Religious Education Committee – Katie Covey (staff), Stephanie and Rachel (Co-Chairs), Derrick, Cindi, Linda, Kimberly