Social Justice Action Committee (SJAC)

Martin Luther King Day, in Lafayette January 2012

The Social Justice Action Committee (SJAC) believes that building a just and compassionate world requires action on behalf of members and friends of the congregation.  SJAC acts as the organizing body for this action by creating opportunities for interaction among the task forces which actually coordinate the various outreach programs and events.  Throughout the year, we hold quarterly potlucks so that all task force leaders and members have an opportunity to share information about the various programs and events they are planning and brainstorm about how to act in a collaborative fashion to implement their plans.  In this way we support the Fellowship in expressing our values through outreach and action locally and beyond as well as sharing our liberal religion, Unitarian Universalism, with the greater community.

SJAC also raises funds for and makes donations from the Gilbert Fund, one of which is the ongoing support of the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless in the form of monthly donations to buy milk for the residents.

SJAC members also coordinate volunteers annually for the Martin Luther King marches inBoulderCounty.

SJAC volunteers publicize the work of the task forces by maintaining a bulletin board at the Fellowship, sending information out to Fellowship members and friends through the online Yahoo list serve, writing articles for the Sunday News and Connections, and putting posters up to advertise various events and programs.

Last summer SJAC volunteers held the first ever baby shower at the Fellowship a longtime SJAC member whose baby, Alice, has now become a fixture at Sunday services and whom we hope will follow in her mother’s activist footsteps.

Committee Members:  MaryAnn, John, Amanda, Marc, Camille, Dianne, and Mary