From our Office and Facility Team

Office and Facilities staff Carol Pranschke, Robyn Peterson, and Kyle Inselman

Office & facility staff believe that a friendly, knowledgeable, socially progressive, efficient, discreet, fiscally-responsible team with heroic problem-solving skills, patience and competence with 3 and 4-syllable words (did we mention our sense of humor?) is the best means to support the business and administrative needs of the members, friends, (and friends of members), visitors, guests, staff, ministers, those associated with other UU organizations, renters, musicians, vendors and contractors. Throughout the year, the office and facility staff members work with staff and volunteers to meet the business, communication, reporting, technical, supply and various other needs of any and all who interact with the Fellowship.

We have produced these numbers faithfully but I must confess, they are estimates. With the help of incredible volunteers, the office:

a. spent over 208 hours updating the church member database

b.  spends a weekly average of 4 hours recording pledge, plate and other income related information concluding with a deposit at our bank

c. produces 57 weekly orders of service, approx. 110 to155 inserts, 52 issues of the Sunday Weekly News with a modified companion online version, 12 Connections newsletters, 1 to 3 updates weekly to the website. Over the course of the year, over 13,520 pages (Order of Service plus Sunday Weekly News) are folded for Sunday distribution, not including inserts.

d. fiscal-year-to-date has sent out approx. 612 paper and electronic checks. Over the course of the fiscal year, the office manager spends 4-5 hours each week working on accounts payable, for a minimum of 210 hours annually.

e. Over the course of this fiscal year, we handled the details and support issues with two employees modifying their employment, one employee leaving, and two employees being hired. We currently have 1 FT, 1 PT office employee; one PT facility employee; two contractors who work year-round for us (accountant and choir director); 1 FT RE and 2 PT RE positions; 1 minister.

f. The kitchen floor is waxed 18 to 20 times a year, as are the restroom floors; the floor in the RE office is waxed approx. 12 times each year; the carpets throughout the building are vacuumed 3 times each week for a total of 144 times a year.

g. The 150 sanctuary chairs are stacked or un-stacked most every Sunday (because of the use of the Sanctuary for a variety of events) and along with classroom set-ups & break-downs, that comes to approx. 7800 chairs stacked/taken down this last year.

h. Choir set-ups, which include chairs and risers, occur 8 to 10 times a year including special performances.

i. 10 rolls of toilet paper a month refill bathroom dispensers and when events involve a large number of children, then every bathroom usually requires a complete restocking (!), with the final estimate somewhere between 150 and 200 rolls of toilet paper a year.