The Boulder Valley Community Action Network (BVCAN) Task is a member of Together Colorado (formerly Metro Organizations for People), which works to help with social justice action in our state and within local communities by helping local faith-based groups work to improve healthcare, including mental healthcare, immigrant rights, educational services, community safety, and economic justice initiatives. 

We work with our community organizer Carmen to foster one to one relationships within our community to address issues such as better access to quality healthcare, fair economic and immigrant rights, and to empower our congregation to demonstrate our values of democracy, and the inherent worth and dignity of all human beings. We also work with other faith communities in the area to support social justice change.

 The Boulder Valley Community Action Network (BVCAN) Task Force held discussions with Fellowship members this past year and learned that  mental health issues deeply impact many of us.  This determined the direction BVCAN’s actions will take this year and next.  The BVCAN task force then sponsored a public meeting, the Mental Health Dialogue, Voicing Our Reality, at the Fellowship on November 30th at which task force members updated the congregation on what they’ve learned about services, and gaps in services, in their meetings with county officials, mental health care professionals, and community advocates, as well as through the “Health care and economic justice” surveys they have been doing with members of our congregation.  Members of the greater community outside our doors also gave testimony and were there to witness our congregation’s commitment to better quality and accessibility to affordable mental health services. The task force also brought these messages to the Boulder County Mental Health Task Force that is working on the rollout of services through the new federal HealthCare Act in 2014.

The BVCAN task force has participated in statewide Together Colorado activities this year, and has worked with other Together Congregation member groups on Immigration, Health Care, and Economic Justice.  Several BVUUF members attended Together Colorado’s major public meeting of about 1200 people in April, with Rev. Lydia as a featured speaker.