I Have A Dream: BVUUF Sponsors Eagle Class

The SJAC IHAD Pioneer Eagle Class Task Force believes that everyone has the right to a quality education and the support of the community in reaching their education and career goals regardless of race or financial status.  For this reason task force sponsored a congregational meeting on November 13th to give Fellowship members the opportunity to share perspectives and vote on the sponsorship of a “Dreamer” in the new IHAD Pioneer Elementary Eagle class.  After a lively discussion, those attending, which represented a quorum of the membership, voted to accept the proposal and commit to raising $20,000 over ten years to sponsor a child in the 2012 Eagle class.  This sponsorship will provide a “Dreamer” with support services to keep him or her (we will not know the exact identity of any individual child) in school with tutoring and mentoring, as well as enrichment activities, and guarantees a “last-dollar” college scholarship upon graduation.

The IHAD Pioneer Eagle Class Task Force supported the Fellowship’s mission this year by providing an opportunity for members and friends to express their values through outreach to the larger community in Boulder County, to share our liberal religion with others by being visible as an example of a congregation that values education and shares our abundance with those less fortunate to help create equality of opportunity for a quality education.  The task force also supports the Fellowship’s mission to encourage openness and diversity because the students in the IHAD Pioneer Eagle class are minority students from families which are often immigrants and low-income.  The task force will be encouraging Fellowship members and friends to sign up as volunteer tutors and mentors to help other Dreamers in the class as well as our own Dreamer to succeed in school.

IHAD/Pioneer Eagle task force members participated as members of the planning committee for the April 18th 2012 Eagle class dedication ceremony, and coordinated entertainment and decorations for the event.  To accomplish this commitment they invited all members of the Fellowship to the event, made the banner which hung over the stage during the event (and will be carried by the class to each of the schools at which they attend during their elementary, middle, and high school careers), coordinated the appearance of the marimba band, Kutandara at the event, and decorated the cafeteria for the dinner on the day of the event.  The event was a huge success and many Fellowship members attended, providing them an opportunity to get to know the Eagle Dreamers and their families and the IHAD and Pioneer staff better.

SJAC IHAD Pioneer Eagle Task Force members are Hope, Dianne, Stepfanie, Kristine, and Alicia