Music = Song + Spirit

The Music Committee believes that music is an important part of worship. Throughout the year, we support the adult and children’s choirs for the joy they give to the Fellowship as a whole as well as the satisfaction of the singers. Music is part of the renewal of the spirit and supports and deepens the weekly and monthly themes.

The adult choir sang monthly from September through May with two appearances in April.  Their performance of the Thompson Allleluliah was fulfillment of their auction donation—performance of a piece of music of the buyer’s choice. This piece is probably the most challenging piece the choir has mastered and was available for viewing on YouTube.

During the year we purchased new sets of music and replaced lost copies of music in the files. We continued to sing music in different languages and from cultures around the world. Members of the committee and the choir were very supportive of the choir director during her illness. Larry attended one meeting where we discussed music at the Sweet Noise Coffee House and possible upgrades to our sound system.

Music Committee members: Sam Welsh (staff), Marlys Brinkman (staff), Sue, Catherine, Jan, Julie, Melissa, and Jane.