Key Communications

The Communications Committee believes that communication plays a critical role in the life of the Fellowship. Thus, the committee is reviewing the effectiveness of the Fellowship’s various communication vehicles (website, newsletter and “Sunday Weekly News,” listservs, etc.) with the intent of improving them and ensuring they serve their intended audiences and support the mission of the Fellowship. This process will continue into the next fiscal year.  By overseeing and supporting the website, Facebook page, “Connections” newsletter, “Sunday Weekly News,” listservs, bulletin boards, outside sign, and online directory, the committee helped the congregation (including visitors) keep abreast of worship services; adult, youth, and children’s religious education opportunities; social justice and social activities and events. By keeping the Fellowship informed of these activities and opportunities, the committee:

  • facilitated individuals’ faith development,
  • facilitated their participation in social justice activities, and
  • shared Unitarian Universalism with the greater community.

Several members of the Committee met with a number of folks who work the soundboard between services on a Sunday in May to determine the necessary technology and work involved to record Lydia’s sermons and upload MP3 versions of them to the website.  In 30 minutes, the group was able to move forward on a project that had been stalled for many months. It was exciting to watch good minds work through the complicated issues and arrive at a solution so quickly and in a cooperative manner. 

Committee members: Kyle Inselman (staff), Dave, Mary, Marky (chair), John, and Jonathan