Youth Singers add zest while growing love of music

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MUSIC is an integral and valued part of worship and congregational life at BVUUF.  It imparts a message, beauty, and inspiration for all to hear. Our musical offerings are as diverse as our congregation. They range from traditional to contemporary, folk and blues to jazz, to world music, gospel and spirituals.

In this group we explore and develop our growing voices, learn the joy, delight, and discipline of singing together, and embark on a journey into the world of song. From traditional to contemporary, we sing in musical styles from around the world, sometimes in different languages. We also learn songs that reinforce our UU principles and sources.

Youth Singers participate frequently in Sunday Worship services throughout the year, both in the chalice lightings, and in “special song” slots. Occasionally we sing a joint anthem with the adult choir. The congregation loves to hear the Youth Singers.

Our BVUUF Youth choir not only adds zest to our services, but gives children a place to connect with each other, to be creative, and to contribute to the church community.

The Youth Choir sang 6 times this church year.  We also participated in two coffee houses and the intergenerational Service at Thanksgiving and Easter.     We have 20 active members in the choir ranging in age from 4- 15.  We meet regularly on Sunday mornings for rehearsals at 10:10.

The story I heard often this year is “my child is singing all the time around the house…they never did this before choir.”  To hold the interest of such a varied group the music choices need to inspire singing….The older Youth often commented on their love to make music with each other during this time and even being showcased as soloist.

Another story is one family told me …”the only way we get our son to church is telling him he has choir today…he loves to sing in the Youth Choir”