Music + Poetry = Community

Sweet Noise Coffeehouse & the AcoUUstics believe that shared music, poetry and talents builds a unique community.  Throughout the year, we present open mic coffeehouses for the BVUUF fellowship and beyond because we believe that shared, live, affordable entertainment is a valuable part of community life.

  • XX is a outgoing young man who loves to perform, and hopes to one day be a professional entertainer. He regularly performs at the coffeehouse, and considers the coffeehouse “his” community. He and Larry have a special relationship because of their work together on the coffeehouse.
  • X is a young woman who is shy face to face, but plays amazing piano. She regularly performs at the Sweet Noise Coffeehouse, and her parents have shared how important it is for her to have these opportunities.

We also believe that providing alternative music to the fellowship’s services broadens the experience of those services for many people.

In 2012:

  • We welcomed all ages to our open mic coffeehouses, providing opportunities for young people to be included in the community. We opened our doors to about 50 young people over the coffeehouse season
  • We produced 6 coffeehouses throughout the church year, attracting 150 people to the program
  • We provided music for the UU Auction in November, to about 100 people
  • We provided music at 2 services during the church year, to about 150 people each time.
  • The coffeehouse serves as a link for the larger community, hosting many area poets and musicians who would not be exposed to UU values were it not for the coffeehouse. The AcoUUstics will be performing at a Lafayette program in July, and we are currently negotiating the possibility of occasionally offering the coffeehouse to the public in a non-church environment.

Each month we spend money on groceries for the evening; we take the expenditures out of the proceeds for the evening and hand the rest of the proceeds in to the BVUUF.