Flowers, Furnances

The world of the great outdoors can be variously summarized as beautiful flowers, too darn hot, too darn dry, good weeds-bad grass, a great lawn mowing crew, new xeric shrubs, baby rabbits, one big bull snake, really good bindweed, installation of evaporative cooling, little snow, beautiful yellow broom by the front sign, new furnaces, and a few sick or dying trees.

Well, that’s about it; thanks for reading our annual report.

Alright, a little more.  We had a Grounds Care Day in the fall and one in the spring.  In the fall we had a poor turnout of help thus leaving a lot of work for the few committee members.  This spring we had a better showing from the fellowship and we were able to finish several projects.  These included striping the parking lots, trimming/hauling brush, pulling weeds, picking up trash, and updating garden beds.  This spring and summer we are updating plantings around the sign, painting trim/siding around the sanctuary and RE wing, adding more flowers, fighting weeds, and mowing lawns as needed.

You might have noticed that several of the Grounds activities involve building issues.  How can that be??  We need a Facilities/Building committee and we need more help.  The appearance and maintenance of the grounds and building is important for presenting BVUUF as a friendly, welcoming community.  Are there more people out there who can help?  When we get that grant funded from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation we will just hire all this stuff done.


Spraying arrows on the south parking lot on Spring 2012 Grounds Day. She’ll spray you like a skunk if you come any closer.


Watering newly seeded grass west of the parking lot on Spring 2012 Grounds Day.


Cleaning and trimming those disgusting junipers in the south parking lot of Grounds Day.


Cleaning and updating playground garden on Spring 2012 Grounds Day.