Education = Furthering the Mission

Our Adult Religious Education program (A- RE) believes  education is a basic and necessary component of furthering the mission of BVUUF.  Throughout the year, A-RE offers classes from a variety of religious and secular perspectives that encourages growth in understanding the human condition and the world around one. This education also enables a closer connection to BVUUF by making stronger friendships with class participants and questioning/exploring tenants of UU, and other religious traditions.

This Spring, six classes  have been offered with another 60 people in attendance. Courses offered during the past Fall and Spring semesters included: UU 101: the 7 Principles, The Presence Process, Yoga as a Spiritual Practice, UU History in America, Humanism Redux, Happiness Principle for Parents and Kids, Delving more Deeply into Spirituality through Poetry, What is the Kabbalah? Teachers of these classes were Dave Leonard, Silvenne Farnell, Sharon Day, Rebecca Laverdue and Rachel Setzke, Rev Catharine Harris, Rev Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry.