Connecting Neighbors

Neighborhood Connectors believe that providing care and connection within BVUUF’s geographically dispersed area fulfills the mission statements listed in #3 and can best be done by offering these services by neighborhoods thus spreading the care and connection responsibility out over more people.  Throughout the year, we connect with members, friends and visitors to BVUUF by providing care in times of need and connection in their neighborhood. This brings the potential for love and the interconnecting web of life/care into their lives.

Ways Neighborhood Connectors supported the Fellowship’s the mission statements of:

  • Care for each other and our neighbors through life transitions and challenges.
  • Covenant to lead, sustain and grow our Unitarian Universalist community and make it inviting and open for all who wish to join us on their religious journey.
  • Build community within the Fellowship by nurturing personal, individual connections.

By providing:

  • Social events within the 8 neighborhoods  – 25
  • Community service projects – 3
  • One book discussion event & one ongoing book group
  • A means of supporting & sharing information with Rev. Lydia when caring situations come up thus increasing communication and capacity to reach out.
  • Numerous caring needs were attended to including providing meals, comfort shawls, transportation to appointments, helping with memorial services, providing childcare, etc. Recipients included BVUUF Congregants dealing with cancer and surgeries, broken bones, death of loved ones, illnesses such as pneumonia, etc.
  • Special caring activities with members and friend with health challenges –poinsettias delivery at Christmas, flower delivery after flower community in June, providing medical equipment such as walkers, commodes, etc. – at least one instance this year.

My kids and I gave an older member in our neighborhood with a ride to a doctor’s appointment recently. It was a little hectic, as my car battery was dead when we started off to pick her up; but fortunately she had asked for a pickup with plenty of time to spare, so after jumping the car we made it just fine. All of us had some good conversations on the way and while waiting for the appointment to start, and then afterward as she waited for a prescription to be ready. I feel more confident that she will call if she needs help in the future, because of having had this interaction.

Eighteen people attended the potluck at Carrie’s cabin in the mountains in August.  Many people met for the first time and enjoyed getting acquainted.  The children had a great time exploring the mountains.  Some of us got re-acquainted with old friends.