Books + Friends

The BVUUF Book Group began in June 2004.  It meets on the fourth Thursday of the month year round (we combine November/December meetings) at 7:00 p.m.  There are 12 members in the core group, and those of us who started in 2004 have read 78 books–half of the books have been fiction, half non-fiction. 

Our purposes in selecting books are to widen our range of knowledge of the world and different cultures, and learn about varieties of interpersonal relationships.  In the book selection process we use Unitarian Universalist principles by choosing authors who develop characters who respect people of different ethnicities, religions, and races; who work for justice and equity; who are searching for meaning; and/or who work for a sustainable, healthy environment for all living creatures.  We have read biographies of incredibly brave people who have lived their lives in ways that changed the world for the better.

Those of us who discuss the books learn a great deal about each other, forming important friendships.

Want a recommendation of a good read?  Contact one of us.  Better yet, join us.