2012-13 Intern on board!

The Internship Committee plays a critical role in the hiring and education of ministerial interns.  Our primary goal is to help the intern to develop and hone the personal and professional skills of ministry. The committee is a liaison with the congregation and a group to which the intern can turn for information and guidance.  With the supervising minister(s), the internship committee’s members advise, support, listen, give feedback, and evaluate the intern in her personal and professional development as a minister.

The Internship Committee interviewed and hired Sarah Oglesby-Dunegan to be our ministerial intern for the 2012-2013 congregational year.  The Committee hosted a potluck in April for members of committees that will be working directly with her.  We are currently working on setting up a comfortable working space for Sarah. From August through June we will be working closely with Sarah  as she journeys through the ten months of her internship